Portable LED Rechargeable Desk Lamp (Aukey)

  • $19.00

Touch Table Lamp with More choices - There are 3 brightness levels selected by short touches. Longer touches will select from the 3 light modes - cool white, warm white, medium white. And high sensitive touch control make switch easy and comfortable

Memory Function: Built in memory function which remembers your previous settings. The lamp will be automatically proceeding with the brightness levels of the previous use while restarted

Modern Saving Space Design: The lamp section completely folds down and the lamp body is designed to be slim, so that it takes up little space

Easy Angle Adjustment: The lamp can be flexibly adjusted from from 0°to 180°and light coverage can be extended in different scales to meet your needs

Stylish Appearance: The lamp offers a modern classy feel, with ABS plastic material in overall finish and brushed aluminum in top surface. What is more, the elegant black can grace most occasions

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