GridLock Puppy Housetraining Pads (100 Pieces)

  • $29.00
  • Save $30


With GridLock's new grid-channel technology, GridLock Housetraining Pads are the finest protection pad money can buy. A special scent attracts your pet when nature calls, making housetraining easy. GridLock pads channel moisture away from the surface and return to dryness in seconds. The leak-proof plastic lining and sealed edges prevent damage to floors and carpets and ensures easy clean-up. The advanced technology polymer absorbs and traps liquid better than the leading pad. No more wetness; no more odor; no more tracks. Gridlock Housetraining Pads are great for puppies, senior dogs or any dog that needs a little help. These fantastic pads absorb pver 100 times their weight in liquid and still stay dry. Once your pet is accumstomed to using the pads, they can be placed outdoors to encourage them to eliminate putside.


  • Place pad in appropriate location.
  • When you notice your puppy act fidgety, take him to the pad.
  • Praise your puppy for properly using the pad.
  • When finished it's easy to clean up. Just pick it up and throw it away.

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