MatrixSight Callus and Hair Remover Set

  • $12.90

Feature Instructions:

The Matrixsight Rechargeable Epilator is a remarkable hair remover with 30 tweezers to quickly and effectively remove hair from the root for weeks for smooth skin. the hair remover is desighed to fit the contours of your body and remove hair as short as 0.5 mm from the upper lip,chin,legs,bikini-line and underarms. Features a built-in spotlight to illuminale hard to see hairs, so you can remove more hair in lesser strokes.

When using the Matrixsight Rechargeable Epilator for the first time, we suggest that you test the unit on an area that has light hair growth in order to get accustomed to the epilating process.

Instructions for Use:

CHARGE-The Matrixsight Rechargeable Epilator can be used with the adapotr supplied with the unit, after plugged into an electric outlet or used with out the adaptor when it is fully charged. Prior to using the unit for the first time cordlessly it needs to be charged for 16 hours. It is recommednded that you recharge your unit 8-10 hours after each use.

FOR BEST RESULTS-Take a warm bath or shower, to open up your pores, and use a loofa or sponge, in small circles to exfoliate and remove dead skin from the area ou wish to remove hair.

You can use a loofa with any bath/shower gel or bar soap. Doing this before you use your JML Smooth & Silky cleans and makes your skin pliable, so removing hair will be less uncomfortable.

How To Use:

Use your Matrixsight Rechargeable Epilator in a location that has a comfortable temperature to avoid perspiration. Make sure that the areas you wish to remove hair from are clean, dry and free from moisturizing cream or oil. After you unit is charged remove the adaptor plug from the bottom of the unit. If your unit is not charged, insert the adaptor plug into the bottom of the unit and plug your adaptor into the electrical outlet.

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